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Service Agreements and Privacy Practices

NEOBH believes that effective mental health treatment can only occur within a clearly defined agreement between the therapist and the client/guardian.

Thus, NEOBH has created a number of documents that contain important information regarding how treatment will proceed, the risks and benefits of treatment (informed consent), financial expectations, etc. NEOBH also follows all state and federal guidelines related to privacy practices, rights and safeguards related to records produced during the treatment process. Finally, NEOBH is certified by the Ohio Department of Mental Health (ODMH) as a Community Mental Health Center. This means that NEOBH must inform clients of specific Client Rights related to treatment, including grievance procedures.

All clients are provided with data regarding confidentiality, informed consent and the privacy of records during their first session, and are asked to provide signed evidence of receipt of this data. In the case of some specialized services (such as Custody Evaluations), additional data is provided regarding mutual expectations.

Gathering data from other sources (such as school records, previous treatment records) may be important to the assessment/treatment process. In the case that such data is needed, the client/guardian is asked to sign a Release of Information that clearly lists the data to be released.

The following are some of the Service Agreement forms currently in use at NEOBH:

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