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Annual Report – Fiscal Year 2011

Fiscal Year 2011 required NEOBH to successfully master a number of significant challenges related to changes in funding streams, including utilization limits in Medicaid and additional restrictions within the self-pay\insurance market.   In Fiscal Year 2011, NEOBH explored new sources for client revenue, and sought to maintain strong relationships with established referral sources.

New programs established by NEOBH in FY11 included Competency Evaluations for youth involved with the Stark County Family Court, and the expansion of the Intensive Parent-Child Intervention (IPCI) Program.  NEOBH took on the challenge of implementation of Outcome Measures of its own design, and gradually build a database of outcomes, in the months following the dismantlement of the ODMH Outcomes Measurement Program. 

NEOBH also made moderate gains in involvement with evaluation work performed for the Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation, and hired Clinical Staff with assessment expertise applicable to this population. For the support of this new referral source, NEOBH upgraded testing equipment, and devised a number of specialized procedures for billing, scheduling and report production.

NEOBH also invested in equipment upgrades for members of the Support Staff, and worked to refine Letterhead Templates that would permit greater use of e-mail as a means of conveyance of clinical reports, letters and other agency documents.  This project resulted in significant savings in the area of mailing\postage and Support Staff time.  NEOBH additionally refined procedures related to Chart Storage, and involved members of the Clinical Staff in problem-solving related to clinical record closures.

The Year in Review:
NEOBH experienced a decline in its Medicaid and Insurance Reimbursement revenue (-0.1% and -11%, respectively) revenue in Fiscal Year 2011. In contrast, experienced a significant increase in Self-Pay revenue, and this was primarily connected with increases in Psychological Evaluation and Custody Evaluation work. NEOBH continued to experience a significant increase (+21%) in requests for evaluations of children and families involved in Domestic Relations Court.  Overall, the organization experienced a revenue increase of 7% (FY10 - FY11), and additional requests for evaluations by Domestic Relations Courts in outlying counties (Trumbull, Medina and Portage Counties).

Nevertheless, despite the strength of its work within the area of specialized assessments, NEOBH demonstrated an overall decrease of 8% in the area of Individual Counseling Services NEOBH continued to be known for its expertise in assessment; however, it began to explore community perceptions regarding referrals for ongoing counseling.  Research conducted into this question resulted in community feedback related to lack of psychiatric services. Therefore, by the conclusion of FY2011, NEOBH begin to search for ways to collaborate with other mental health organizations in order to develop alliances that might permit greater child psychiatric service access.

NEOBH continued its commitment to the Children's Network of Stark County, and began to explore alternative ways of staffing this facility. NEOBH conducted several meetings with the Network Stakeholders, in order to determine the viability of service provision models.  At the same time, NEOBH concluded its involvement with the CARE Center, due to the development of programming at Akron Children's Hospital related to trauma treatment.

FY 2011 -- Performance Quality Improvement:
In Fiscal Year 2010, NEOBH added a community focus to its Performance Quality Improvement (PQI) activities by joining a work group convened at the Stark County Family Court toward the goal of improving parenting education services.   This resulted in the creation of a significant number of reporting documents for the IPCI Program, so that periodic updates could be provided to the Court and to Social Services regarding client progress.  NEOBH additionally engaged in a small Performance Improvement Project related to Parent Coaching provided by staff from the Stark County Department of Job and Family Services.   NEOBH continued to collect specific Outcomes regarding youth engaged in Trauma Treatment at the Multicounty Juvenile Attention Center.

NEOBH continued to achieve high ratings in Client Satisfaction, and achieved the goal of implementing client suggestions into action steps that resulted in alterations to Front Desk procedures.  

FY 2011 – The NEOBH Staff:

  • Carrie Schnirring, M.A. was assigned to the Children's Network of Stark County, and successfully represented NEOBH in that facility.  Ms. Schnirring was chosen to attend an advanced training for members of the Multidisciplinary Team at the Network.
  • Becky Crookston, PCC and Carrie Singer, PCC, were chosen to participate in Trauma-Grief Component Treatment training at the Stark County Family Court.
  • Christine Sayre achieved independent licensure as a Professional Clinical Counselor.
  • NEOBH participated in the professional development of a Counseling Intern, Ms. Valgean Martin.
  • Dr. Tener continued to participate in speaking engagements related to Custody Evaluations, Trauma and Mental Health intervention in Juvenile Justice.

FY 2011 Agency Accomplishments:

  • A workshop entitled “Risk Management in the Daily Clinical Practice” was sponsored by NEOBH in FY 2011.
  • NEOBH explored possibilities related to service provision in Canton Healthcare, and evaluation work with Developmentally Disabled clients.
  • NEOBH established referral links with Wayne County Children Services and Portage County Children Services.

In many ways, FY2011 may represent “the future yet to come” as it forecasted what appeared to be dramatic changes in healthcare funding, service relationships, and expectations related to outcomes.   NEOBH recognizes that the financial and emotional health of the organization depends on a dedicated focus that is directed to understanding the changes that are occurring within our system of care, and how these will impact the services that we provide to our clients.   NEOBH remains fortunate to have a dedicated Advisory Board, as well as a staff of Clinical and Support Professionals that understands that the quality of care we provide cannot be compromised.

NEOBH Executive Staff

Robin R. Tener, Ph.D., Executive Director

Renee Pitman, Business Manager
NEOBH Advisory Board
Ms. Joy Conway

Ms. Eileen Kish

Mr. Bob Haag
Mr. Quin Wychanko
Ms. Quay Compton, J.D. Dr. Robin Tener

NEOBH Clinical Staff

Lori Brisbin-Shepler, Ph.D.
Patricia Seifert, Ph.D., CCDC-III-E
Penny Griffith, Ph.D.
Gail Mager, M. Ed, PCC-S
Aimee Thomas-Chuparkoff, Ph.D., J.D., M.Ed., PCC-S, CCDC-I
Sharon Lewis, LSW
Carrie Schnirring, MA
Debbie Pittak, PCC
Jane Biehl, Ph.D.
Nicole Molnar, LPC

Christine Sayre, PC
Cynthia Keck-McNulty, Ph.D., PCC
Margaret DeLillo-Storey, PCC
Amy Schuster, LPC
Susan Deibel
Carrie Singer, PCC
Valgean Martin, CT (Intern)
Cindy Zanin, LISW
Jamie Pastorius, LISW

NEOBH Special Project Teams

  • Dialectical Behavioral Treatment
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Trauma-Focused Treatment
  • Intensive Parent-Child Interaction
  • Parenting Evaluation

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