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Carrie Schnirring , MA

Populations Served:  Children, Adolescents, Adults

Office Location:  Cuyahoga Falls, Children's Network

Ms. Schnirring graduated Summa Cum from the University of Dayton, and earned a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and Criminal Justice.  She was awarded a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Xavier University. She has been employed as a mental health provider at Northeast Ohio Behavioral Health for over 10 years.

Ms. Schnirring has extensive experience in counseling, trauma-focused therapy, and psychological assessment. She is additionally skilled in the provision of parent consultation regarding children with behavioral difficulties.

At NEOBH, Ms. Schnirring receives many referrals from various social service agencies throughout Northeast Ohio.  Consequently, many of the children that she assists are in the foster care system.  Her primary clinical focus is childhood sexual abuse, and much of her evaluation work has been dedicated to the assessment of children and adolescents that have made sexual abuse allegations. Her work with this special population has resulted in her involvement in the legally complex cases that have required her to provide expert witness testimony in both Criminal and Juvenile Court settings.

Ms. Schnirring has been designated as an Expert Witness in Stark County and Summit County, and she has participated in legal proceedings in Carroll County and Holmes County as well.  Ms. Schnirring is listed on the Data Bank of Experts on Child Abuse (DECA List) and is recognized by the Ohio Attorney General’s Office as an expert in the area of Child Abuse. 

Additionally, Ms. Schnirring has extensive experience helping children who are facing the divorce of their parents. She is expecially skilled at helping children whose parents are engaged in high degrees of conflict regarding custody issues, visitation schedules and/or other parenting concerns. 

Ms. Schnirring has obtained training as a Collaborative Divorce Coach and as a Child Specialist.  This affords her the skills necessary to assist divorcing couples to effectively and appropriately communicate with each other, and with their attorneys, while dissolving their marriage via a Collaborative Divorce process.  Her extensive clinical experience allows her to provide guidance, reassurance and education to spouses, as they navigate the difficult journey of divorce so that they may continue to co-parent their children long after marriage is terminated.

Specialty Areas

Sexual Abuse Assessments

Adoption Assessments

Childhood Behavioral Problems: Anger, Adjustment Issues, OCD, Depression, etc.

Oppositional Defiant Disorder

Victims of Trauma/Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Marital Counseling

Family Therapy

Parent Consultation

Psychological Evaluations

Sibling Bond Evaluations

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